Friday, July 27, 2007


Water is so refreshing on a hot summer’s day. Lately I cannot get enough of it. I am tired of pepsi and coke and all of the soft drinks that we as American’s are addicted to. It seems like after drinking a soft drink, I am still thirsty. Has anybody else ever felt that way after drinking soft drinks?

Yes, these days I’ll pass on a coke and take water, please!


Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle
I hope you are well. I am also unsatisfied with soft drinks. I have been choosing water the last few years. I think alot of people are opting for water, however I am not a big bottled water drinker. Imagine how much garbage those cute lil' water bottles are generating FOR NO REASON. I'll have a GLASS of water with ya.
Kathleen or Kat

jorge said...

When I'm thirsty, there is nothing like water! Be well,

Wiz's Wench said...

only all my life. I don't do coffee, tea, soda, booze or milk. Gimme some good ol h20.