Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Drawing in Perspective and other sh-tuff

While I had drawing classes in college, I still was not good when it comes to drawing some things in perspective. Armando is good at drawing in perspective. He gave me some lessons tonight so I could draw some ideas for a computer desk that we want to design and build in the future.

I need some storage and this computer desk that I have had for years, which is wheelchair accessible is not exactly making me feel happy when I look at it and see everything out in the open! It’s the way it is designed with no closed storage.

I’ve had this desk since after graduating high school and have always been reluctant to get rid of it, for fear I wouldn’t find anything else that would work well. Sadly, there are just not many options when I go to office stores and try to find something ready to take home. It’s a bit annoying really to find a great desk and then go to pull my wheelchair underneath it and find my knees bang and you don’t fit! When I look online there are “wheelchair accessible desks with big price tags. I cannot see paying such a big price for height only. The good thing is that we can build a desk and make it just like we want it and it will be cheaper and rewarding to make it ourselves.

You don’t have to draw to perfection. Grabbing a notebook and creating some sample sketches can really let you visualize an idea and unleash your creativity and even come up with new ideas.

Tonight, the eraser was my friend though! :p

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