Sunday, June 17, 2007


I woke up this morning marveling at all the babies in our life recently. We have kittens, my Father has puppies, this morning we saw some baby platy fish in both our aquariums and recently we found out Armando is going to be Tio/Uncle! We are very excited about all these little babes!

I made eggs, bacon and buttered toast for breakfast. Not exactly a healthy breakfast but delicious anyway.


Continued early a.m….

Somehow the early a.m. seems to be my usual blogging time these days. I think partly because we are normally working at this time (four days a week) and my body cannot seem to get away from being wide awake at this time on the other days of the week.

Read this, it’s interesting. Armando showed this website to me this morning.

Off subject. I was a bit annoyed tonight when I realized that Yahoo photos is making you change your pictures over to another service or they will be deleted. Yikes! They do offer to have another service sell you a backup of your pictures on CD. I really didn’t want to pay for a CD. I know, I am silly sometimes like that…

I have 488 pictures in my yahoo account and one of the services that you are offered as an alternative to import your photos to is Flickr. They do not tell you until after you get your photos imported that you are limited on how many photos you can have on there and then you must pay. Yahoo photos does give you a free 3 months pro account which is helpful but since I don’t plan on paying for an online photo album, I was starting to fuss and backup all the photos. That was a long process because you had to do it one by one and go to all sizes, then pick the original size, and save it that way so you came out with a reasonably sized and good quality picture.

But then I was happy because Armando found a program to download our pictures from Flickr. Yippee! Yippee! Yippee! We both had quite a bit of pictures there, especially since we used yahoo photos a lot when we were having a long distance relationship. I guess this is a lesson learned. Do backups of online photos and don’t rely on them to be your virtual album even though one would think that is reasonably safe, I guess companies sell to other companies and there you have it, you’re in a bind.

So, here is a link to Flickrdown which helps you download your photos from Flickr. Just in case anybody else needs it.

Happy Father’s Day! I plan to cook a meal for my Dad today.

Well, I am off to bed. Night Night.

Here's a cat picture for you, Jsaan. :)

Lucy as a kitten asleep in our bed with a handkerchief as a cover. How fast they grow! She recently had surgery to be spayed. She gets her stitches out in a few days. She is a lovely little Lucy Lu with a sweetheart personality.


Armando said...

Pretty cute picture. It is amazing how fast they grows.
Thank you for comment about the yahoo photos problem. It is sad that people that don't check their pictures before the next weeks, will lost their photos.
But we recovered them :)


JSaan said...

Awwww :)