Saturday, June 09, 2007

Adopted Kittens

Although these are not the best quality pictures, here are a few pictures of the adopted kittens playing tonight. I will try to take better pictures in the daytime of the kittens this weekend.

The kittens are adorable. They all have their own little personalities. They like to be held and cuddled and cry when you put them down because they want to be held more.

There are three boys and one girl with the following names:

Cho ( we call him Cho Cho)
Wide Eyes
Tiny Tina

They are eating kitten food now and eat very well. Actually, Star eats too well. We are thinking we might need to limit his eating because he appears to be too overweight and we worry about him having problems from eating too much. I believe they over-indulge with food because of their past history and abandonment.

Wide Eyes

Cho Cho

Tiny Tina



Armando said...

They are so cute babies. Cho cho is the smallest one so we have to take little xtra care on him:P

JSaan said...

AAAh! Keep putting up cat pictures and I will keep coming back to your blog.

sweeti said...

these are awesome sweet Im cat lover to.....but u know
they are lil tigers.....haha
ours is commanding like an officer when she wanna go out
well we have to open the door for madam ..
Im oke now
my friend is now a star in the sky
his empty chair will stay
its worse for his wife and family
i know
but sometimes u miss close friends more than anything
hugs to u
and plz come back

stephen said...

Cute pictures, even though I'm not a cat person ... cute nevertheless!!!

Glad to see you poking around the blogs, I know I've been bad about keeping up with your blog, but it's been with everyone, not only you. :)

Miss you...
love to you and Armando!

Anonymous said...

What good parents you are. they are coming along beautifully. Adorable pictures! You gotta love a kitty.