Friday, July 28, 2006

A night to remember forever

View from the window last night at Restaurant Giratoria.
Last night was a special night. Armando took me to Restaurant Giratoria. It is a restaurant in Santiago where you sit at tables near windows and the floor rotates slowly around and you get a beautiful view of the city down below. I felt very special just being there and being treated to such a fancy place.

But then...another surprise... he said he had a small gift for me.

It is an old tradition. If his Mom really likes the woman her son is going to marry, she gives her a ring that is special to her and it is passed down. He gave me a beautiful ring that his Mom and him had sized to fit me. It meant a lot to me that she likes me and that they gave me such a beautiful ring. I never expected it.

The food I had was delicious. I had a pisco sour which is a Chilean drink with lemon and pisco. We had a Chilean wine with our meal and I ate:

(Beef filet stuffed with ham and cheese, pepper and mushroom sauce, sautéed asparagus heads and noisettes potatoes)

For dessert I had:

(Chestnut in a delicious syrup)


(Coffee and cream)

Yum! It was really good.
(I know, I know. I am a pig!)



Armando said...

I love you a lot my girl. I am glad you enjoy everything.


stephen said...

Michelle -

The backround of the traditional ring story is romantic and that fact that you have been given such a ring can bring tears to the eyes of anyone who knows you and Armando. I'm SO HAPPY FOR YOU!

PS - You're not a pig, a girl has got to eat and the eats sounded great! :)

The_Gay_Dude said...

Wow....that's beautiful and I'm so happy for you both!

Joy said...

Oh that is such a beautiful story! And you are not a pig! Vacations are meant for indulging! I will indulge when I am on vacation and I am sure that you will hear about every indulgence also...better be ready also :)
Take care and safe trip home!
Love and Hugz,


Katatonic said...

I am tearing up! HOW ROMANTIC IS THAT?
I am so glad you are having a wonderful time.
also a lil' green with envy, but do write more. I love to read about places i'll never get to go from people that I know. (you know what I mean)
MUAH Darling

Katatonic said...

Also quite proud that I got my profile picture to post!