Thursday, March 17, 2011


Home Life:
Life has been going well for us. I like our cozy apartment. We enjoy going outdoors and are glad this city has so many nice parks and outdoor areas. Spring is fast approaching. I have planted some petunias on our patio. I like raising the shades and seeing the sun shine through and glancing over at the bright flowers in the daytime. I plan to plant some herbs out there too this weekend. Our cats have both being doing well. They always keep us entertained and both have such different personalities that life is always interesting with them around. I call them my "coworkers" since I work from home and they are often in my lap as I type or nearby. We just celebrated our 4-year wedding anniversary and it still amazes me every day that I have such a wonderful and loving husband by my side. I feel blessed.

I have two accounts right now, a neurology and GI account. They are both interesting. The neurology account doctor is leaving at the end of this month so I will be back to one account again. I was just getting the hang of that account and able to do it quickly too! I continue to try to learn and build my skills and improve myself. I have noticed a considerable difference in my speed. I also am now more comfortable and can actually handle my workload better than at first. Most days I can get my work completed by the time Armando gets home from work which is great! (Of course, the finishing time is dependent on what time the files come, so some days it does not work that way.)

I have just started learning how to embroider. Joanne was a great teacher and inspired me to give it a try. I really like it so far, although I have only done two projects. I will show photos of those later as soon as I get them ironed and presentable. I also have several photos of some projects that I have done since last posting that I will get updated before too long.

I have been enjoying being creative in the kitchen. I have always enjoyed cooking. Breakfast and lunch are usually very quick and easy meals now that I am working. I drink coffee in the morning and eat a toasted sandwich usually for breakfast as I proofread my files before turning them in. We are trying to eat healthier with more fresh vegetables and salads.

How have you been and what have you been up to lately? :)

Until soon!

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