Monday, November 15, 2010

Crochet wrist warmers

Both wrist warmers showing the thumb holes.

I made these wrist warmers from a pattern at Attic 24’s blog.

I modified her pattern a bit. Mine are very simple and done only in one color without the border. I just wanted something to keep my hands off my wheelchair rims that get very cold in the winter. Now that I have made one pair, I would like to make more. Next time I will use cotton thread so they are more washer friendly and add more colors and maybe a border too.

They are very easy to make. Here is a basic explanation of how I made mine. You can go to Attic 24 and use her instructions if mine are too confusing.

Basic idea of how it is done. You will crochet single crochet enough chains to snugly fit around your hand and wrist. Then you half double crochet until you get the rectangle the length you want it. The rectangle you will then fold in half to fit snugly around your hand and wrist. After folding, you sew up the side leaving a space for your thumb opening. Then you go back and single crochet around the thumb opening. You can also add a border edging. I did not. I kept mine very simple and basic. It was my first time ever making any wrist warmers.

These were the stitches it took to fit my hand. I single crocheted 26. Then I half double crocheted and chained 2 at the end and turned. I did that for 14 rows. Afterwards, I sewed up the edge and measured each to have a thumb opening. Then I single crocheted around my thumb openings.

You will need to measure your own hand and find how many single crochets you need to start with and continue from there.

Good luck!


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