Monday, February 02, 2009


My blog seems to be a blend of my life, cats and crafts. I like sharing crafts and looking at other people's crafts online. Sometimes I just need a place to release and talk about things that are on my mind. They can be a mixture of feelings depending on what is going on in my life so just hang in there with me. If I seem negative at times it is just me trying to cope with something and releasing it so I can move on. I try to share all sides of myself but sometimes I am not the best at writing it down! 

Another subject that I have been trying to be more open about is paralysis and health. Two friends of mine had mentioned before to me that they wished I would speak more about that so I have been. Life is made up of ups and downs and yes, sometimes being in a wheelchair or the complications that go along with it can be challenging. I find that most of the time I am just fine and just go about trying to live my life like everybody else.  I do not really focus on the wheelchair except when I need to.  Like when I cannot fit it somewhere etc. I am not the typical person in the wheelchair because I have had other health problems since I was thirteen years old and did not become paralyzed until I was fifteen years old. Those other issues mostly involve my back and create more challenges but little by little I find ways to move past them. Necessity is the Mother of invention!

Ok, now onto my recent crafting project. :)

I have been working on a granny square blanket since I had surgery. I am doing it in bright colors, red, orange and yellow. It is easy to do in bed since I am doing it as one big granny square and in rounds versus doing a lot of little granny squares and then joining them. 

If you look back over my past blog entries you will see that I lost pictures with my entries. I lost them because I cancelled my hosting service and beforehand  I did not think of them being casualties. Now you can only reach this blog by is no longer a valid address for me. Sorry about all that.

I have been watching tv & movies, reading, sleeping , studying and crocheting a lot since the 19th. I am so ready to heal and get back to my normal routine. I have forgotten how to be a good patient! I am trying though. ;)

I may have gained some pounds after all this with inactivity, bedrest, and frequent bowls of chocolate icecream. :P


Crochet Goddess said...

Hi, I really hope you are feeling better and you can get back to the everyday boring things we all like to complain about having to do. I hope you post a picture of the afghan when you are finished. Have a great week.

ColleenQ said...

Busting your stitches? Oh, my, that's a scary visual - I'm glad you're recovering (again).

If you can't be real here, where, then? I've written about my lowest (and highest) points and honestly believe it's the purging of emotion that helps us grow. We all have histories, and who wants to read happy all the time?

And of course, you can never have enough cat photos. :)