Saturday, October 25, 2008

Aaahh Weekends!

It is nice to relax on weekends. I slept in and it felt great.

I went to the Dollar Tree which was fun. I got some warm socks and snack food (Tropical trail mix, cashews and banana chips) and wrapping paper.

There is going to be a power outage tonight in our city from 11 p.m. for several hours while they work on some transformers. Since we are night owls we are going to another city to the movie theater to watch a scary late night movie. I am having a better tolerance level for scary movies now. I can handle a lot more than before meeting Armando. He loves scary movies!

I have not been able to read blogs as often lately since I have been studying. I am sorry for that. I miss reading your blogs but I have a lot of material that I need to cover and absorb well in class so most of my time when not doing the normal things that must be done is spent hitting the books. Some nights when I do not have my studying in I will stay up until early a.m. studying to get modules completed. It is so important to me that I reach the goal of completion that I have set for myself. I look at the date every day to motivate me to move forward. I am so thankful for having the opportunity and funding to study that I want to do my very best with it.

I have been making all family Birthday gifts this year. I want to make Christmas gifts too but I am not sure if I will be able to have time to do them all. Perhaps just some will be handmade.

I bought a book that had crochet and knit sock patterns and I tried to make two different crochet sock patterns and I could not do it. I will have to figure out where I am going wrong. I have never made socks before only slippers.

Well, I need to scoot. The lights are out in 30 minutes so that means I need to get my stuff together in preparation.


Crochet Goddess said...

I am glad you had a great weekend and I hope you get through all your classes. It is hard to find time to do everything you want to do in one day. I hope you have a great week.

Colleen said...

I completely understand! Sometimes, unfortunately, blogging is just not a priority...

Jorge said...

I must admit, that while I liked scary movies as a teenager, today i find the world a scary enough place that I no longer find the form entertaining. That doesn't mean I don't want you to have a good time :-)
Be well,