Saturday, August 04, 2007

Recently Completed Crochet Thingamajiggies

Babydoll Slippers

Pattern is here

Comments: Not difficult, quick to make and very comfy!

Crochet Flower

Pattern is here

Comments: Fun project but be careful with making the petals in tiers which I found tricky at first.


goatkeeper said...

Those look so Yummy and a great color too! I have never been a knitter or crocheter. I tried to crochet once but quickly gave it up. It looks like you are doing great. Everything looks nice and even and it looks straight to me.
I was reading back and I think that building a custom desk is a wonderful idea. I have one except it was custom made for someone else. I would love one to suit my needs.
All the best,
Your space sister.

stephen said...

Oh girl you have too much free time on your hands - A needs to keep you busier than you apparently have been. Just kidding though - I know you're both kept quite busy these days. Have a great weekend my friend!!!

Many Hugs -

junquedujour said...

Well look at you taking up one of my favorite hobbies. I haven't been doing much crocheting in the past few years, as the rag rugs have taken all my 'cool weather' attention. When I do crochet, I generally work with thread and I prefer the graphic/diagram instructions as opposed to the text. Magic Crochet used to be my favorite source for patterns, but I heard they stopped publishing. Shame. I hope you stick with it and grow and expand your interest in crochet. It's a hobby that will take you through your lifetime :)