Monday, March 26, 2007

Sunday Synopsis

The weather has been absolutely beautiful lately. We turned the a/c on for the first time today. I love this time of year except for one little bitty thing, allergies! My eyes itch even though I take my allergy medicine. I took benadryl tonight.

I am very happy these days. I am just adjusting to being a wife but really, it feels great! I cannot get used to changing my last name. I still try to write my old name on everything.
We had a fun Sunday. We have a new aquarium and got some fish. I will take pictures of them and show you soon. We went by an antique store and Armando bought me a pretty picture that I liked. I held a chameleon today at the pet store. It was so cute. They move so slowly and their little tails that curl. Just precious!

Sorry I haven’t posted wedding pictures. I haven’t edited them yet. We got married one day and had a small celebration just with family on the weekend. We’ve been focusing most of our attention on the mountain of immigration paperwork lately. When we get over that, we will both feel more relieved.

I hope you have a great week!



A said...

everything is going very good. Im happy when you are happy. Today was a fun day :P

Lynn said...

How sweet you both are...enjoy that "being a wife" life you've got now, Michelle. =)