Monday, December 25, 2006

The warmth and love he offers.

It is such a beautiful blessing in this world when you are with someone who offers you warmth and love constantly. Somebody that you can lean on in any situation and that will be with you through the struggles and help to uplift you during the rougher times. But also, a partner that shares in your joys and accomplishments with as much pleasure and glee as you revel in during those happy times.

The help he gives me on a daily basis is more than I can really tell you or name off. It goes from helping me to have a great start to my day every morning and always meeting me at work and opening the front doors for me, which are too heavy for me to handle and maneuver, (me and my wheelchair) to ironing my shirts and clothes unexpectedly, and even reminding me to take my medicine which I forget often at night. He even writes loving messages in my calendar that I use at work; his little notes inspire me and make me smile. He is always watching over me like a guardian angel. Wrapping the covers around me gently during those cold winter nights, letting me use his chest as my pillow, those little things make me feel so secure. I am thankful for all of the things he does to help me and the support he offers me. I feel blessed and warm inside every day because I know I have him in my life.

Sometimes I get stressed at work and become very uptight. I can be a perfectionist and that makes me feel pressure. He always gives me pep talks and makes me repeat that I am good at my job and positive things before work. He makes me laugh and encourages me when I put too much pressure on myself. He lightens situations up and helps make me laugh when I need it the most.

He has also introduced me to so many new things that I never knew before I met him. Sushi, Japanese Horror Movies, Chobits, SpongeBob Squarepants, Miyazaki's movies like Spirited Away, Pablo Neruda, Piscola, George Orwell, Role Playing Games...I could go on.

I feel lighthearted more than ever before because I allow myself to watch the cartoons that during my childhood were never watched because of serious illness. I love reverting to childhood sometimes and getting lost in movies and cartoons!

So, this is a little thanks for you my love. Thanks for the warmth and love you show me everyday. Thanks for all that you do today and every day. Thanks for introducing me to so many interesting and fun things. You make my world a happier place.

Here's wishing a great start for a Happy New Year where our plans come into fruition and we can look forward to a bright new life as husband and wife this upcoming year!


Scott said...


Nice man you got there :) im very blessed w/ a nice soulmate too for life finally too.. Hope you and A and your whole family have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year and hope that you have a very healthy 2007 too (crosses fingers and toes if I have to)

Joy said...

Hi Michelle~

Nice man there! Total keeper!
I hope that I find a man just like yours! Somewhere I know, Sometime.
Hope that you had a great Holidays! Here's to a wonderful 2007 for all!

Take care to you both!



Anonymous said...

What a beautiful tribute. You write from the heart. How exciting it must be to learn differrnt ways of the world. I am still a kid all the time when no one is watching.
Happy New Year,
Cheers to Michelle & Armando


Jorge said...

Wishing you and yours a happy and healthy New Year.

Joshua said...

Happy New Year!
Enjoy your life!
Anything can Happen! :)